About Us

Westmead Baptist Church (WBC) was established on the 1" of October 2021. It is located at 36/163 Hawkesbury Road, Westmead NSW 2145. As a newly established church plant, we aim to align ourselves with three simple steps in pursuing our mission and vision to the local community.
* Praying unceasingly to God for direction.
* Listening constantly to the Holy Spirit for instruction.
* Acting on Jesus' great commission to make disciples.
According to the 2016 census, the suburb of Westmead has about 4, 127 families composed mainly of Asian background. Adults between the ages of 25-40 makes up the majority in this part of western Sydney. The median age being 30 years old. As for religion, 40.8% or 6,654 individuals identified themselves as Hindus. This was followed by Catholics which comprises 12.3% or 2,010 of which 2.5% or 409 are from the Philippines.
This has been one of Westmead Baptist Church's motivation in spreading the gospel. To date, we have seen a growing number of Catholic individuals and families who have since been baptised and became regular members of the Baptist community. Thanks to the passionate and energetic members of our congregation who were inspired by the Holy Spirit to reach out to these families and individuals using Jesus' method of reaching out to people by means of community engagement and relationship building.

Leadership and Church History

Westmead Baptist Church is currently led by Pastor Mark De Guzman. A product of Morling College, Mark began his pastoral ministry work at Toongabbie Baptist Church from 2016-2020 where he pioneered the Foodbank and Street Pastoral Ministry in response to the growing number of homeless and lonely people in and around the Parramatta and Blacktown areas.
Burdened with the lack of emotional and spiritual support for these marginalised people, Mark has decided to go beyond providing food and began witnessing through personally building relationships with the homeless, the lonely and the substance abusers to provide support in their spiritual and emotional well-being.
It was during one of these encounters that Mark saw himself in the 2020 spring edition of Eternity Magazine which featured his work in reaching out to the poor and disadvantaged members of his community.
After his tenure at Toongabbie Baptist, Mark and his wife, Carol, a registered paediatric nurse by profession, have decided to pursue God's calling to expand their Filipino Bible study group into a church plant. The height of the covid restrictions however, limited the church's ability to meet face to face which prompted them to focus on on-line worship service. Little did Mark and Carol know that this will pave the way for them to be reaching to more people than expected which resulted in positive change of direction and vision for the church. On the 19 of October 2021, following the easing of covid restrictions, Mark, and the church leadership, despite having very limited financial capacity to pay for the bond and deposit for leasing a building space have decided to step out in faith and proceeded to rent a permanent venue to cater for the growing number of people whom God called from other religions and spiritual beliefs to be baptised and join the church.
Because of this, Westmead Baptist Church has since experienced a significant growth composed of mainly young families within the local community and as far as the southern suburbs of Sydney.

Pastor Mark De Guzman and Wife, Carol.

CHURCH PLANTERS Westmead Baptist Church

Our Vision

As a young and energetic church (through God's provision and grace) we aim to continue to do what we're doing and hope to see a significant growth in our congregation. We aim to reach 100 strong members by 2024. A multiculturally diverse congregation seeking to grow in love with one another and faith to our Lord Jesus Christs
Alongside this, because of the significant number of people from our congregation who. lives in the southern-part of Sydney, We also envision church planters within our church plant. By God's grace and faithfulness, we believe that our faithful brothers and sisters in Christ who are actively involved in our Discipleship Groups will continue to be motivated and passionate in spreading the gospel in their local community
Our desire is to fulfill our mission of "making disciples who make disciples” using our three-prong missional approach.
- Praying unceasingly to God for direction.
- Listening constantly to the Holy Spirit for instruction.
- Relying on Jesus' gospel as a source of motivation in making disciples who make disciples.
In the future, we would like to see churches building churches where people from all walks of life and backgrounds will experience the same love of God we experienced and in return develop a deep and genuine relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and fulfill his commission in Matthew 28:19
"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."
We are trusting that God will make a way and continue to provide for our financial and practical needs that we may be able to continue and further our cause in helping people experience the love of Jesus Christ.

Join Us

  • Worship Service every Sunday 1030am to 1230pm followed by fellowship lunch

  • Bible Study - In-depth learning of the Bible, and empowering current emerging church ministry leaders.

  • Weekday online D-groups per Sydney suburb/area

  • Music Ministry Jam Sessions